Views of Busan City 1 , South Korea


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Pusan Tower has been Busan's best known landmark for decades. There is a restaurant and viewing platform at the top.

Busan harbour, the source of the city's wealth, with Nampodong and the Tower in the background. The city makes no use of the harbour foreshore yet for recreation or aesthetic design -- a great pity.

Busan's inner harbour is formed by a 9km long island, in the background of this photo.

Looking south-west from Busan Tower towards Tosodong. "Pusan"(now Busan) means "kettle mountains" - you can see why.

Statues in the world's cities should be dedicated to their true admirers - pigeons.

Fine arts students from a local university renovate a bronze horse, under the stern supervision of some pensioners.

This fierce bronze warrior is having an embarrassing interlude while his socks are cleaned.

The metalic lady -- is she a boddhisavata? - also seems rather nonplussed by her new location.

Perhaps the major cultural event on Busan's calendar is the annual film festival. It attracts large crowds, has a permanent bureacracy and invites numerous foreign celebrities.

Here is one tradition which has survived the rural to urban migration. Mothers in Busan almost universally carry their baby's on their backs.

Photography copyrighted to Thor May 2002; all rights reserved