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This collection is rudimentary ! A lot more internet sites related to Korea (especially blogs) have opened up since these links were assembled. Updating the Korea Links is on my to-do list ....

Blogs etc.

The Korean Blog List - you can't go past this if you want to get a feel for what other  folk are feeling, seeing and doing in Korea. There is also a huge list of blogs by Koreans outside of Korea

Galbijim - an ambitious wiki that aims to build into a serious information resource about South Korea. At the moment it is especially good for links on learning the Korean language.


1st Stop Korea - some useful information for expats; also stories. Run by an individual.

Seoul City Government Site

Government of Korea Site

Korean Postal Service - site in English; note that Korea Post also offers a banking service which now includes Internet banking

Seoul Mystery Tour Site - virtual tours by Canadian, Steven Roney

Itaewon Clubs Site - reviews of every bar & nightclub in the district + a photo library


Pusan Web - (now part of the family of ) the main electronic English language nerve center for happenings in this busy city of four million plus. Asiaweek magazine recently rated Busan** equal tenth best city (with Seoul) in Asia for quality of life; (Tokyo and Fukuoka scored equal best). Anyway, the place has promise.

Early in 2002 Pusan Web was re-born and the originator (Jeff Lebow) took on a small voluntary team to look after individual sections. Its events listings are generally up to date and useful. There are very active bulletin boards for discussions and classifieds (including jobs).

I was the Writings manager until about 2006. The stories from contributors gave a good feel for how expatriates interpreted their Korean experience. (Nowadays, 2009, I am in China, and the Writings section no longer seems to be active).

The site contains many images of Busan and South Korean life. Pusan Web is also a useful source for other general links and survival information.

About once a month translated news stories from the Korean language media are posted.

[** Spelling note : the South Korean Government has recently amended its recommended Latin alphabet spellings for transliteration from the native Hangeul script. Amongst the changes, the familiar 'Pusan' becomes 'Busan'; i.e. p =>b; t=>d; k=>g].


Busan City Hall Website - information from the official standpoint.

Busan Port - Account of the port including a (brief) history to prehistoric times, by the Busan Port Authority.


The Seoul Times - international, national and city news as well as links. Though this clearly lacks the resources of more established media empires, it is a brave attempt to consolidate information of interest to resident non-Koreans, and could also contain stuff you mightn't find in other places.

Korea Web Weekly - "An independent, non-partisan, non-profit web on all things Korean: Her history, culture, economy, politics and military - since 1995." (says their masthead). KWW in fact consolidates links to current media articles on Korea. It also has some excellent links to other Korean related matters. There is a worldwide database of over 2000 "Koreanists", from professors to graduate students.

The Korea Herald - national English language daily [both The Korea Herald and The Korea Times are pretty derivative, depending heavily on syndicated material. The Herald seems to have a bit more depth than the Times. They are both based on English language print versions.] * ..the online version has just gone to a subscription basis (2002). Ugh!

The Korea Times - national English language daily

JoongAng Ilbo - new English web version of a major Korean language national daily. Tends to a conservative viewpoint on Korean issues, but its resources and professionalism are stiff competition for the Times and Herald. It is affiliated with the International Herald Tribune (which in my view is one of the world's very best newspapers).

Chosun Ilbo - another of South Korea's major daily newspapers now has this English language web version.

The Korea Post  - monthly news magazine in English; emphasis on economics Published in Seoul.

Korean Media in the United States - from

Korean Language Study (on-line)

Korean Studies at Sogang - free language course (requires registration)

Yamada Language Centre - links to language programs etc.

Yahoo Korean-English Dictionary

University of Arizona Korean Language Lessons online Korean lessons

Mr Oh's

Monash University Korean Language Education Clearing House

Korean@Monash - links, courses, resources

Korean Through English - free Korean Ministry of Culture & Tourism course (mimics textbook available in bookshops).

Indiana University Learning Korean

Indiana University Korean Audio & Songs

Korean Language on The Net Links (Russian site)

Korean Audio Cards/Songs - Learn The Language

Learn To Speak Korean Online Language Exchange

Languages-on-the-web - The Daisy Stories (parallel translation texts)

David Eisenberg's Introduction to Korean

Historical & Cultural or DDD is not to be confused with Here is their self-description : "DDD, Life in Korea explores cross-cultural life as it is lived here. Not modern or trad culture but both, and not your culture or their culture but our culture. It is intended both for foreigners and Koreans.. It is honest and edgy and often funny as it is the first of its kind that is intended for both foreigners and Koreans: it offers bi-lingual writing and cross-cultural material as much as it can".

Korean Literature in Translation - a good overview by Brother Anthony (one of the best known translators of Korean into English)

Korean Literature in English - Korean government listing

Korean Literature Today - online quarterly, 1996-2001, of Korean work in English translation

Korean National Commission for UNESCO - events, virtual library etc.

Korea Journal Index 1961-1997 - literary

KCAF Bibliographic Database of Korean Literature

*NORTH KOREAN STUDIES* (Dr. LEONID A. PETROV) "This site is maintained for the purpose of free publication and dissemination of analytical materials on North Korea (DPRK), its relations with Russia and Australia, research on history and historiography, and the problems of Soviet Koreans". It is pretty hard to find balanced (i.e. non-nationalistic) accounts of history and events affecting either of the Koreas. Dr Petrov offers just that. Recommended.

Historical Timeline - Global Korean Network of Los Angeles - includes some historical photos

Korean History Project - Where the Past is Always Present

Korean Nationalism Home Page A rambling but often engaging  web blog by an un-named fellow, probably Australian (not me !), teaching in Korea

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