What do you find funny? - Thor May January 2016

1. What do you find funny? Where does that kind of humour place you in the human zoo?

2. Who thinks you are funny? Who thinks you are not funny?

3. Is there a personality difference between people who prefer slapstick and people with a dry sense of humour (deadpan humour in Americanese)?

4. I love irony and sometimes a touch of sarcasm. One Adelaide meetup I attended banned both as malevolent or dishonest. I walked out. What is the best response to people like this? [Are people who insist on completely literal readings of documents like the Bible or the law in this camp?]

5. What are some cultural differences in styles of humour?

6. What percentage of humour is not related to jokes?

7. What is going on here?: Speakers laugh more than their audiences -- 46% more. The effect was even more striking when females were doing the talking. They laughed 126% more often than the guys they were talking to.

8. Can you recall a funny incident?

9. One Brisbane meetup goes to a park for laughter therapy. They stand in a circle and go ‘ho, ho, ho’ for 15 minutes. They find it relaxing, and say that eventually just making laughing noises makes them feel humorous. Does this make sense?

10. What should you do when you no longer get the jokey references of the people around you? For example, I haven’t watched TV since black & white screens, don’t follow spectator sport, know nothing about pop music or fashion ...etc.

What Do You Find Funny? Discussion Questions ©Thor May 2018

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