AQ&A2 DATE: August 20 2017 Topic: The War on Terror - does it make sense?

Some focus questions:

1) Many governments have spent large amounts of money & time fighting "The War on Terror". How balanced is this response? Are there more important threats to individuals and institutions?

2) What could "winning" the war on terror mean?

3) What part of the war on terror is just a political distraction by governments in power?

4) What is the difference between state sanctioned terrorism and the actions of non-state terrorists / freedom fighters / rebels etc ... ?

5) What were some other versions of 'terrorist threats' from earlier historical times, and what can we learn from them?

6) What part does social media play in both recruiting terrorists and raising the level of popular hysteria?

7) History is littered with examples of merciless religious wars. To what extent is Islam versus the rest really at the heart of present terrorist disturbances (compared to, for example, socio-economic factors)?

8) Advertised 'threats to security' are being used extensively to undermine personal legal protections and rights to privacy. To what extent does the war on terror justify such new limits on personal liberty?

9) What is the roll call of actors (on all sides) who have an interest in perpetuating the war on terror?

10) The term 'fake news' has become a popular label for rejecting whatever information a person finds displeasing. Is this scepticism a useful tool for questioning things like the war on terror, or is it just an excuse to avoid unpleasant realities?


The War on Terror - Does it Make Sense? Discussion Questions ©Thor May 2018

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