The Known Universe - Vee

1. What lies beyond our observable universe?

2. Just what is “the universe”?

4. What could we mean (if anything) by “the unknown universe”?

5. What are the limits on what we will ever be able to observe about the universe?

6. [Vee] “We .. know that there are about 100 to 200 billion galaxies in “close proximity” to the earth. This is what scientists call the observable universe. But what lies beyond that which is observable?”

7. [Vee] “Are there even more galaxies and do these galaxies continue infinitely? Or are these galaxies part of one universe that in itself is again a part of a group of many other universes? This poses the question: "Is this universe everything there is or are we living in a multiverse?"

8. The Ptolemaic universe (which had the stars revolving around the earth) was posited by Ptolemy ((c. 367 BC – 283/2 BC) and adopted by the Christian church. Even in 1920 there were American Christian groups arguing that the Bible said the stars revolved around the earth. A Christian book was published in 2006 claiming the same thing. How important are religious beliefs in blocking advances in scientific understanding?

9. What can micro-universes teach us about galactic universes? For example, the human body contains about a trillion cells. Within the framework created by those cells live about 3 trillion bacteria without which the cells could not survive. Does the galactic universe depend in any way upon ‘bacteria’ (perhaps like us, or perhaps some other form of intelligence) in some sense in order to survive?

10. Many people argue quite strongly that studying the galactic universe is a waste of time and money that could be better directed to more immediate problems. What are some counters to this argument?

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