Partisan Politics [Bryn] ] QE 5 March 2017 Thor May

1. How have we allowed our democracy to be so partisan? There is virtually no debate simply a statement of ideological position which instantly makes the argument - I'm right, therefore you must wrong. Socrates' associates understood the concept of 'statemanship', the concept of acting for the state, not themselves or individualistic agendas. Is this why we see the dissatisfaction and frustration with current politics leading to the simplistic extremes of Trump and Hanson. I'm sure you all get my drift .. [Bryn]

2. Have politics anywhere ever NOT been partisan for long?

3. “Governments of national unity” usually occur in emergency situations such as wartime. How can this be made to work under peacetime conditions?

4. The Prices and Incomes Accord was an agreement between the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Australian Labor Party government of Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Treasurer (later Prime Minister) Paul Keating in 1983. Employers were not party to the Accord. Unions agreed to restrict wage demands and the government pledged to minimise inflation. The government was also to act on the social wage. At its broadest this concept included increased spending on education as well as welfare.” [Wikipedia] What happened to this?

5. In the US Congress the Republican Party put a blanket block on every proposal by Obama although he strived for negotiation. The Australian LCP Coalition under Tony Abbott followed the same tactics. Why?

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