Is the human species too successful?” - Thor 19 March 2017

1. Core question: Are humans too successful as a species? Without war and disease, will we simply breed ourselves out of a food supply? Can/should populations be controlled locally and/or globally?

2. In terms of propagation, what in fact are the most successful species / organisms? [hint: e.g. a) By the most recent estimate, the human body contains about 37 trillion cells, forming a mutually dependent home for 1x to 3x the number of bacteria (Wikipedia: Human Microbiome Project)]. b) Check out things called ‘springtails’, and ants (

3. Most species do not self-destruct, but humans do regularly on small and large scales. Is self-destruction a form of species preservation (getting rid of the failures) ?

4. Humans are a highly predatory species, but they have also eliminated most of their own natural predators. Is this a measure of success?

5. Human success can be thought of in terms of individual lives, family survival, local community survival, nation or tribe survival, and species survival. Which of these levels should take priority, for whom, and when?

6. 20,000 years ago it is likely that there were only a few thousand humans on earth. Until very recently, the numbers were still fairly small and scattered, relative to the size of the earth. Now we are 7 billion and expanding, with almost unlimited power. Do the actual numbers change the definition of what might be “successful” for the human species?

7. Human success has depended upon a high level of cooperation amongst humans. However beyond the tribal level, we have great difficulty cooperating for common human good. Will this inability to cooperate amongst humans in very large numbers finally destroy the species?

8. Humans are basically a herding species. Most of them follow leaders who offer a persuasive narrative backed by force. The narrative can be easily be corrupted (e.g. by superstition, coercion, ignorance, ambition, fake news etc). If a reliable narrative is needed for human success, how can false, destructive narratives be managed?

9. Human success has depended greatly upon the human ability to innovate, adapt and learn. However, the demand on these qualities (even functional literacy & numeracy) has become so great that a large percentage of every human population is failing to master the necessary skills & knowledge. Have we come to the limits of human learning? What is the consequence for our future success?

10. We are into the 4th industrial revolution. Over about 4 generations our prospects and threats have multiplied beyond recognition. If you try to look 4 generations beyond your own condition, what do you predict for the state of humanity then?

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