DX8 Topic 12 - Food Wars - Vegan or Carnivore?

Monday 14 December 2020, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Venue: POD1 - Cafe Brunelli, 187 Rundle St · Adelaide

About Focus Questions: a) Please read them before you come to the meetup. Think about them so you have more than "instant opinions" to offer. b) Feel free to add more focus questions. c) THE FOCUS QUESTIONS ARE JUST A MENU TO CHOOSE FROM. From this menu we can discuss whatever seems interesting. d) Focus questions are not intended to push one viewpoint! You can adopt any position you wish. We actually like friendly disagreement - it can lead to deeper understanding

Focus Questions

1. What is the story behind your own personal diet? Has it changed? How/why?

2. Enthusiasts for Vegan and Carnivore diets mostly claim the same kind of personal improvements in their health. What's going on here?

3. What are the upsides and downsides of being an omnivore? The paleo-biological study of human diets clearly shows that homo sapiens, and even earlier human predecessors, have always been omnivores. So what has changed in modern times (post World War II) to drive large dietary movements devoted to vegetarian/vegan diets, and more recently, carnivorous diets?

4. In countries like the United States, Australia (and many others), since the 1970s a large part of the population has become much fatter. What has caused this change (and the accompanying chronic health problems)?

5. How useful are the nutrition, ingredient and calorie labels on packaged food? Do you look at them? How do you interpret these labels.

6. Why do you think that food choices are often associated with political attitudes?

7. Beyond basic nutrition, national and ethnic diets are often defended hotly, even violently? Why is this? It can cost a friendship to tell somebody that you don't much like their country's cooking. It's worse than saying you don't like their favourite music ... Is there a way around this kind of cross cultural conflict?

8. We hear a lot about "super foods" which somehow contain magical ingredients to guarantee your health. These magical ingredients are usually broken down into the effects of particular ingredients. They might 'lower your cholesterol' or 'supercharge your muscles'... and so on. This is great marketing, but how much sense does it actually make?

9. Certain kinds of food are said to be rich in particular vitamins, minerals or other micro-nutrients. However, how much do different soils, fertilization, water quality and climate affect the real composition of what you buy in the supermarket?

10. Imitation meat is becoming more convincing from a taste point of view. Is it a real substitute for people who prefer to eat meat. How about meat which can now be grown (synthesized) in laboratories rather than being taken from animals?


Extra Reading & Links

[If you are not subscribed to some of these journals you may need to install a pay-wall bypass in your browser extensions. Google it]

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