QE May 14b, 2017 Simultaneous success and failure [Thor]

1. Leading question [Thor] : Simultaneous success and failure -  How can people, projects, organizations, countries .. be both a success and failure at the same time? Think of examples, and what can be done about failure as a partner of success". (Hint: every choice has an opportunity cost)



Some underlying questions [from Thor] :


2. Do you live to work or work to live? – Does this choice create conflicting ideas of “success” ?

3. In many cultures public appearance is what earns respect, even if private life is hell. Where does success lie in this equation?

4. Having a lot of money is now usually the most important marker of success. What are some problems with this idea?

5. What does it mean to successfully manage time – by the day and by the lifetime? Hint: Using time to do one thing always means losing time to do something else.

6. What is the difference between being busy (may look successful) and being time efficient (may look lazy)?

7. The world is full of people working competently to keep stupid systems functioning, useless companies operating and sometimes evil governments in power. How do we solve the problem of personal success Vs failing organizations, and personal failure Vs successful organizations? What is the priority?

8. If you are considered a failure during your lifetime, but become respected after you are dead, can your personal life still be satisfactory (history has many examples of this, especially in science and innovation) ?

9. Everyone wants to be a hero in their own mental movie. Should we try to understand what individuals personally value before we judge them a success or failure?

10. As we move through the life cycle, our ideas about what is/was successful can change a lot. Can you think of examples of this?



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