Energy Dilemmas       QE Discussion Topic 19 March 2017

[Vishal; extra questions by Thor]]

1. Core questions [Vishal]: Let's question our current energy market:


a) What are it's discrepancies?

b)Why are we having issues with it now?

c) How did we end up in this current situation?

d) What are the best available options to overcome this issue?

e) Why does the federal government's policy differ on it?

2. What proportion of Australia’s energy generation and distribution is privatized?

3. What is the relationship between politicians and the major energy generating and distribution companies?

4. What is the power of the states Vs the commonwealth when it comes to energy provision?

5. Why are large energy suppliers and many federal politicians resisting moves to renewable energy?

6. Australia has abundant resources of coal, gas, uranium (yellow cake), sunshine, wind and tidal movement as potential sources of energy. Resources of petroleum and geothermal, as well as hydo (gravity-water) energy are limited. Why did the current mix of these resources in enerty generation come into prominence, and why is the equation changing?

7. Why does the South Australian government consider it critical to attain energy self-sufficiency independent of the other states?

8. Why has the domestic cost of energy in South Australia doubled since the distribution network was privatized (as it has also in some other states)?

9. Why has the federal government permitted, up to now, the major gas exporting companies to restrict domestic supplies and charge export prices (even when the world spot price is lower)?

10. Why has the South Australian government decided to issue new regulations allowing the Premier to require (not merely request) gas suppliers to supply the domestic market regardless of export conditions?

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