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Engish for Mechanics

Available on this site in PDF eBook format.

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The text book has been sold and used successfully in a number of industrial locations in
Australia, US, Indonesia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, South Korea and many other countries

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Teaching Productivity and Its Enemies

(ISBN 978-0-9871390-0-9), pub. Plain & Fancy Press, 2011.

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TP&E is available in eBook pdf format from this site (371 pages) through PayPal at $12.50

This is a commercial version of Thor May's doctoral dissertation. It explores the nature of knowledge worker productivity, and the some of the handicaps imposed on teacher productivity, particularly by institutional agendas. There are case studies from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, South Korea and China. With a readable style and absence of specialist jargon, the book aims for a wider audience than the usual academic dissertation.

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