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Extra Resources for TESOL

  • Online Library

  • Questia - for an annual enrolment fee of US120 you have unlimite online access to over 49,500 books and 392,000 journal, magazine, and newspaper articles. The focus is on social sciences. The full text of all books is available for reading or downloading. The collection (in English !) is expanding all the time. For anyone with limited library resources this is a terrific deal. Note: my observation is that the collection of books for language, linguistics and teaching is quite good. The number of journal articles in these fields is less good, at least at present.


  • Evaluating Language Achievement Levels

Bilingual vocabulary assessment (includes English/Korean) by the New Zealand Online Learning Centre

Vocabulary sizes of native English speakers and L2 learners (paper by Paul Nation)

Some well laid out scoring guides in ESL are at the Alaska Dept of Education site

"Evaluating Classroom Communication: In Support of Emergent and Authentic Frameworks in Second Language Assessment " at - This is an exploration of the idea that grammar (in fact, any kind of linguistic competence) is not acquired prior to learning a language, but that it "emerges" as the language is used. This has important implications for teaching and assessment.

  • Error Patterns by L2 Learners

The scans linked below have been taken from the table of contents of Burt M. K. & C. Kiparsky, The Gooficon - A Repair Manual For English, published in 1972 by Newbury House. The book is unfortunately long out of print and difficult to obtain, but the hierarchy of learner errors illustrated by Burt & Kiparsky is very useful. The table of contents contains many sample L2 sentences, grouped into error types. (The scans linked here are of poor quality, but should be readable. Remember to click the MS Internet Explorer image symbol to get full size).

Gooficon 1 / Gooficon 2 / Gooficon 3 / Gooficon 4 / Gooficon 5 / Gooficon 6 / Gooficon 7 / Gooficon 8 /


Kenji Kitao and S. Kathleen Kitao Links and Articles on Language Testing

Testing - Teaching_Studying English as a Second_Foreign Language

Computer Assisted Assessment

Powerpoint presentation on Objective Testing

E. L. Easton - English - Exercises, Quizzes, Tests


AWEMAP - A Worldwide English ELT EFL ESL EAL LEP ESOL Assessment

Scales and Tests Mapping Project


ESL MiniConference - May 2002 - Achievement Profile Fred Davidson

Testing specifications - The LTVS Home Page

ESL Magazine - Creating Placement Tests

English language teaching methods and approaches

Test specifications - English



  • Action Research => Possible sources for ideas
Martin Ryder Action Research Links & Articles : this is an excellent site with many links.
Mettetal : Classroom Action Research Overview
Mettetal : Resources for Teacher-Researchers
O'Brian (1998) : An Overview of the Methodological Approach of Action Research
Prendergast : Seven Stages in my First Action Research Project
Will Allen : Advice and Links for Action Research (includes links for student research)

[ .. this is a small sample only. There are many more links on the Web for this topic]


The following collection is very mixed and preliminary. However it does have links to some less well known methods. Some of this stuff is commercial. Note that the promoters of every method will claim that they have the whole truth. Be cautious ! Sometimes they claim great authority for the inventor (listing PhDs etc). Be cautious ! Sometimes they claim to have made certain theoretical discoveries. Be cautious ! However, if you are careful and questioning, there are probably some very good ideas in these links.

Classroom Techniques - an excellent ITESLJ collection of short articles on useful techniques and ideas that teachers have used in ESL classrooms

Teaching Tips and Ideas - another collection of teacher ideas from ITESLJ

Collaborative Teaching - Linsay Clanfield - advice for teachers facing burnout. This 'One Stop Magazine' site has other useful articles for TESOL teachers too.

Approaches & Methods in Second Language Teaching - this is a valuablel collection of information from Ted Power for anyone involved in TESOL; (other parts of the site contain good teaching resources).

Stephen Krashen's Homepage, with links to many of his articles

A Summary of Stephen Krashen's "Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition" by Reid Wilson

Structuring Fun Classroom Activities into Effective Japanese Lessons Roberta Young ( a good example of eclectic methodology)

Content based learning in ELT, TEFL, EFL

Accelerated Learning Libyan Labiosa Cassone

Accelerative Language Teaching-Learning:

An Aural Method to Learn An Oral Language:

Caleb Gattegno and the Silent Way:

Caleb Gattegno's Silent Way - presentation:

Language Learning INDEX -- good:

Language learning methods, new:

Richards & Rogers Ch.1 - history of Lx learning methods:

Richards & Rogers Chapter 8. Curran's Community Language Learning :

I hume you - New method designed to improve English language skills.:

Sheltered Initiation Language Learning an innovative, easy new method
for learning authentic use of foreign languages in speak:

Tomatis Method - Tomatis Effect - Training In Seattle Sacarin Center:

TPR What Is Total Physical Response:

Future Directions - tpr

TPR About The Originator, James J. Asher

Language Bridge:

Language Bridge - a patent-pending method of learning a foreign language
without translating into native tongue.:

Basic English Page:

Paulo Freire and informal education:

Mnemonic Story Building - Foreign Language Learning


Exercises, Worksheets

English Raven - methodology etc

Gepeto Software's StoryMaker-- Grammar game, worksheet maker,

grammar practice, homeschool activities, parts-of-speech, and more:

English+ Company, Korea Lesson plans

English Language Teaching Web Kids

The Best on the Web for Teachers

Worksheets, Teaching Tips, and Rubrics from

One World Classroom

Doug's Ugly Fish

One World Classroom Resources Power Tools Enhance Memory Skills

  • Reading

  • Writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Oral/Aural

  • Music and Other Media for Language Teaching

  • Pictures & Drawing

  • Games and Drama

General Resource Sites


Teacher Training

  • The following linguistics & related topics journals are available in the PUFS library. They are listed here together with their shelf numbers :

  • 299 Cognitive Linguistics | 327 Discourse & Society | 385 Speech and Auditory Processing | 401 Information Technology Newsletter | 417 Journal of Memory and Language | 447 Journal of Linguistics | 455 Journal of Psycholinguistics | 457 Journal of Semantics | 473 La Linguistique (French) | 474 Langages (French) | 475 Language | 476 Languages and Cognitive Processes | 486 The Linguistic Review | 488 Linguistics | 489 Linguistics Analysis | 490 Linguistics & Phonology | 491 Linguistics Inquiry | 492 Linguistische Berichte (German) | 506 Mind | 518 Natural Language and Linguistic Theory | 528 Journal of Nordic Linguistics | 541 Pragmatics | 541 Pragmatics and Cognition | 554 Social Scientist (India - education & language) | 567 Text |



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