Startup English
    Haven't we met before?
    I'm looking for Carrefour
    Getting There 
    Where can I stay in Seoul? 
    What time do you usually go to bed ?
    Let's go and see the teacher (Vs visit)
    Who sells electronic parts in Busan ?
    Hey, cheer up! Life's not so bad.
    This is weather for ducks
    You should cut back on cigarettes
    Tell me about the music you like
    What do you do for a living ? 
    How long have you been learning English ? 
    When is the next holiday ? 
    Why don't you wear jeans ? 
    What do you think about politics in Korea ? 
    I'll give you 10,000 won for that CD
    Would you ring the airport for me please
    What will they want to know in the interview ? 
    Can you remember all that stuff we had to study? 
    Vocabulary List