Startup English
Thor May
Sungsim College
Busan, South Korea

This project began in September 2001. As time passes the ambitious menu on the left will get written. In the meantime, only those menu items which are bolded are currently available. Even they are likely to be modified. Suggestions are welcome.

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Table of Contents

Haven't we met before?
I'm looking for Carrefour
You could take a taxi, but the bus is cheaper
Where can I stay in Seoul?
What time do you usually go to bed?
Let's go and see the teacher (Vs visit)
Who sells electronic parts in Busan?
Hey, cheer up! Life's not so bad.
This is weather for ducks
You should cut back on cigarettes
Tell me about the music you like
What do you do for a living?
How long have you been learning English?
When is the next holiday?
Why don't you wear jeans?
What do you think about politics in Korea?
I'll give you 10,000 won for that CD
Would you ring the airport for me please
What will they want to know in the interview?
Can you remember all that stuff we had to study?
Vocabulary List


"Startup English" copyrighted to Thor May 2001; all rights reserved