VO2 Max for Thor May

3 March 2020


VO2 Max is the maximum volume of blood (hence oxygen) that a heart is able to pump.

VO2 Max is a very good indication of general fitness, and also of "biological age".

Biological age is different from your birthday age. Some people age quickly, some much more slowly.

Your speed of biological aging depends upon many things - genetic makeup, diet, exercise, disease, stress etc.


VO2 Max Thor May


Professional bio: Thor May has a core professional interest in cognitive linguistics, at which he has rarely succeeded in making a living. He has also, perhaps fatally in a career sense, cultivated an interest in how things work – people, brains, systems, countries, machines, whatever… In the world of daily employment he has mostly taught English as a foreign language, a stimulating activity though rarely regarded as a profession by the world at large. His PhD dissertation, Language Tangle, dealt with language teaching productivity. Thor has been teaching English to non-native speakers, training teachers and lecturing linguistics, since 1976. This work has taken him to seven countries in Oceania and East Asia, mostly with tertiary students, but with a couple of detours to teach secondary students and young children. He has trained teachers in Australia, Fiji and South Korea. In an earlier life, prior to becoming a teacher, he had a decade of finding his way out of working class origins, through unskilled jobs in Australia, New Zealand and finally England (after backpacking across Asia in 1972).  

contact: http://thormay.net    thormay@yahoo.com

academic repository: Academia.edu at http://independent.academia.edu/ThorMay
discussion: Thor's Unwise Ideas at http://thormay.net/unwiseideas/unwisendx.html



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