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Cross-language meetups seem to have a built-in puzzle – some people want to practice a bit of language, some people want some social chatter, some people might want to be a bit more focused.

One suggestion was to have a “theme”, for the week to come, so that the language enthusiasts could prepare a bit of vocabulary, and others would have an idea or two in their heads for discussion. Culturally Australians often don’t mind a bit of friendly debate, agreeing to disagree sometimes, while many east Asian cultures try to avoid any hint of disagreement (that’s a tough cultural difference to solve).

Anyway, if anyone is interested, below I’ve listed a few possible topics, some deliberately controversial. If nobody is interested, that’s fine. If there is interest, perhaps we need to find a way to put the coming week’s topic on a group forum somewhere. People could vote beforehand on their preferred topic.



Note: These are starting ideas only. Feel free to suggest changes as well as other topics.


  1. Asian cooking is worse than Australian cooking. (agree/ disagree – why?...)
  2. Tourist spots are a waste of time to visit.
  3. Useful friends are more important than loyal friends.
  4. Australians dress badly.
  5. Do Australians respect anything?
  6. What are four important questions for a job interview (& why? How do these questions vary across cultures?)
  7. What are some signs of a dishonest character?
  8. Do you only want to know nice, honest people? (why/why not?)
  9. What are five excuses you can make for….
  10. being late / missing a work day / failing a test …. etc.
  11. When is it smart to listen more than you talk?
  12. What do you want from life?



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