The Signatories listed below have made a personal commitment to 
    something so familiar that we forget it day by day. They have remembered 
    that we are all members of a common human community. The Declaration
    that they have signed states some minimum terms for membership of
    the human community. 

    Those Signatories showing an e-mail address are happy to be contacted.
    All such contacts are entirely a matter between the sender and receiver. This 
    list does not exist to promote commerce, or particular ideologies. It is neutral
    and, wishes goodwill to all who use it.

e-mail Address 
1. Thor May thormay AT Australia 12 July 1997
2. Chad Motzko fasteddie411 AT USA 7 September 1997
3. Tendra Kedford Canada 8 October 1997
4. Gwidon S. Naskrent naskrent AT Poland 21 October 1997
5. Elizabeth Stark estark3 AT USA 31 October 1997
6. Joan Heier sc_holly AT USA 22 February 1998
7. Melissa De Cook interspace13 AT USA 10 March 1998
8. Shareč shareebird AT USA 8 May 1998
9. Athena (Becky) Wilder wdw01 AT USA 25 May 1998
10. J. Frazao USA 17 June 1998
11. Jim Murray USA 18 June 1998
12. Russell Funke rfunke AT USA 18 July 1998
13. Andrew Elfenbein sickboy626 AT USA 19 July 1998
14. Tim MacIntyre t_mac2 AT Canada 21 July 1998
15. Tristan Brand tdbrand11 AT USA 24 July 1998
16. Sydney LeAnn boobiespice AT USA 28 August 1998
17. Vanessa Ransom vransom AT Canada 2 April 2000
18. Helen MacKay Kennedy helen AT Australia 8 April 2000
19. Zon Moy moyzo1 AT USA 22 March 2001
20. Ashley keroppi767 AT USA 2 April 2001
21. Sonia sonia AT hsnp.cmp USA 22 May 2001
22. John Brienesse brienasse AT Canada 13 June 2001
23. Kim Hyung-lok khlok AT South Korea

2 November 2001

24. Joe Giovelli zamba759 AT U.S.A. 12 December 2001
25. Emmanuel Aikhuele mugu AT Nigeria

21 May 2006




  * I wish to affirm .......................

          * That it takes all kinds of people to make the human world prosper. 

          * That I have things in common with at least some other people. 

          * That I am content to have different physical attributes, as well as different
              beliefs,  habits, preferences and other cultural attributes from many other

          * That I do not seek to justify the persecution or exploitation of those from
              whom I differ. 

          * That I seek to benefit according to my values, as all others seek to benefit
             according to their values. 

          * That I have a practical, common cause with all other people in the care and 
              management of the small planet Earth, together with its many life forms. 

          * That this document expresses my MINIMUM commitment to membership
              in the Human Community. 

Press here if you wish to sign this declaration

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(c) Thorold (Thor) May