Inventions we have to have ... 


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  1. Boredom transmitters wired to the eyelids of every citizen 
  2. Bad smell emitters for getting to the head of supermarket queues 
  3. Flip-over motorways for getting rid of traffic jams 
  4. Driver-controlled traffic lights 
  5. Salary totalizer clocks to measure the cost of endless meetings 
  6. A hire-a-double agency to represent me at endless meetings 
  7. A hire-a-double agency to impress whoever it is who can give me a rise 
  8. Vending machines that deliver healthy snacks 
  9. Take-aways that sell low fat food 
  10. A coffee substitute that tastes like coffee; [coffee puts bubbles on my feet] 
  11. A coffee substitute that tastes like anything 
  12. A vending machine that bonds tough plastic to the soles of shoes 
  13. A warning sign on raffle tickets that I am not going to win 
  14. A micro robot to scare the hell out of cockroaches 
  15. A micro video disguised as a cockroach to keep an eye on my best friends. 
  16. A paper reverse on photocopy machines, with an attachment to erase the print 
  17. Free return postage on all junk mail 
  18. Miniature paint bombs to return with junk mail 
  19. A book holder-open thing that allows you to turn the pages easily 
  20. A convertible house roof : opening to the summer night sky 
  21. A national credit ID number for every citizen so I can pay anyone by EFT through an autoteller. Sans cheques.
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