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Average Savagery
@23 November 1999

An average man has average reason, average decency, average tolerance, and average courage. The legs on this platform of civilized behavior are not free-standing. Nor are they particularly sturdy. Break one and the whole tableau becomes unstable.

Metaphors supporting the human state of mind are more usually of an airy kind: spirits untouched by base metal. But what binds us is more truly chemical, and in a sense it is chemistry which undoes what dreams propose. The acid bath of fear, for example, will quickly reduce our average man to average savagery, whatever the price of his suit. It follows that every situation, organization or government which subsists by some degree of fear will harbour captive agents to spread its terror.

All opinions expressed in Thor's Unwise Ideas and The Passionate Skeptic are entirely those of the author, who has no aim to influence, proselytize or persuade others to a point of view. He is pleased if his writing generates reflection in readers, either for or against the sentiment of the argument.

"Average Savagery" copyrighted to Thor May; all rights reserved 2000

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