The De-Skilling of 100,000 Skilled Tradesmen

+ Seven Years Later
- see the linked attachment (2004)

This document was sent to the following Australian political leaders:

  • The Hon. John Howard, Prime Minister 
                                                                              reply from A. Greer, 1st Asst. Secretary, 
                                                                              VET Division, DEETYA 3/10/97
  • The Hon. Kim Beazley, Leader of the Opposition 
                                                                                            reply from Kim Beazley 29/8/97
                                                                                      reply from Martin Ferguson 29/9/97

  • The Hon. Jeffrey Kennett, Premier of Victoria 
                                                                                       reply from Phil Honeywood 18/9/97
                                                                          (Minister for Tertiary Education & Training)
  • The Hon. John Brumby, Leader of the Victorian State Opposition 
                                                                                           reply from John Brumby 18/8/97
  • The Hon. Cheryl Kernot, Leader of the Australian Democrats Party 

7 August 1997

The De-Skilling of 100,000 Skilled Tradesmen


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