Active Thinking Topic 47 - What is a Fair Wage?

Monday 19 December 2022, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Venue: Cafe Brunelli, 187 Rundle St, Adelaide CBD, South Australia

Talking Points

>>> Here are two mini-articles for ‘A fair wage in Australia’ AS GENERATED BY THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM, ChatGPT at  : A FAIR WAGE IN AUSTRALIA [Thor, comment: This new version of ChatGPT is extraordinary, and a bit scary. I challenge anyone to pick that the writing is non-human]

1. What is a fair wage? Hey, what do you mean by fair?

2. A minimum wage, a living wage, a fair wage - how might these concepts differ? Which one should prevail, and when? What is wage justice?

3. Who thinks they are paid too much? Who do you think are paid too much? How much is your time worth?

4. Think of a quick history of income distribution in Australia (and elsewhere). What lessons can we learn?

5. What is the legitimate (and illigitimate) role of interest groups (e.g. employer groups, business councils, labour unions, professional groups etc) in determining income distribution?

6. What actually is the distribution of income and profits in Australia? How has it changed over time?

7. How viable is the idea of a Universal Basic Income? [= a minimum income provided to all citizens regardless of employment status]. What is the history of UBI?

8. How mobile are people when it comes to seeking income? Who chooses to move, who is made to move, and who refuses to move?

9. What are the kinds of people who actually create employment opportunities for others? What are their typical feelings about paying people fairly to work for them (if there are typical feelings about this) ?

10. What do self employed people seek which is different from those who just want a job?

Extra Reading

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What is a Fair Wage? (c) Thor May 2022

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