Travel Notes

... As a traveler, you must have a Quest. It doesn't matter much what the quest is. This is a kind of psychological equivalent to the boring job that everyman plods off to each day, or the routine of housework which every housewife persuades herself is central to an ordered universe. It is also why tourist agencies stay in business, inventing routines for people who lack the imagination to dream them up themselves. You can hunt for unusual bottle tops or collect kinky cigarette lighters. The point is, when you have a goal, you have an excuse to kick in other people's heads, starve yourself for a world record, or head off to the South Pole. Once embarked on a journey of the heart, or of shoe leather, the world is coloured with meaning, no matter that your destination may be, after all, a mirage...

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Papua New Guines
Kunming, China


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