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Doubt well, do what you can, then let it be. Presidents, priests, wage slaves, hustlers, men and women, kids, we all live by the grace of those we love to despise...

Leidenschaft ist, was Leiden schafft
(passion is what makes you suffer - German Proverb)

This website,, is now ancient, at least in the annals of cyberspace. In various forms, it has been accumulating with bits and pieces for around fifteen years. It is formatted haphazardly in basic html, categorized a bit forlornly into "interest areas" and therefore attracts (or fails to attract) readers from sometimes unrelated worlds. Mostly though the website has documented the journey of its author, Thor May, through time and almost imperceptibly become a part of his identity. At times there have been frequent additions, while for other extended periods I have been absent on different missions and readership has fallen away. Why anyone bothers to read along has always been a bit of a mystery.

The Passionate Skeptic website makes sense to Thor, but to you accidental visitors from outer space it might seem like a rambling mansion. In fact, I don't truly know what it seems like to you. The site statistics do show around half a million visitors this century. How many paused to smile, agree, disagree or wail we will never know. Since a tsunami of blogs began to sink the visibility of websites like this around a decade ago, few of you have bothered to email. The traditional static format really doesn't allow for comments to be casually posted.

For a long time now I have been aware that major renovations are necessary. Life is short however. Each day is a tiny sliver of time. The task of a makeover would be enormous. What to do? Compromise of course. I will leave the website here in all its shabby glory. Bit by bit though, large chunks of it will be copied to a stable of blogs as well. Their dynamic format should allow for proper discussion, and their separation will encourage each community of interests to develop its own ecology. The copying process will take months (years?), depending upon other distractions. As each new blog is brought online a link to it will be posted below. In the beginning, these blogs will be mere shadows, but at least anyone inclined can come back to the old site here to rummage through things past, if that is their fancy. That is, The Passionate Skeptic website will remain Grand Central Station for departures to all these brave new worlds.



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