Thor 2016 to 1945 (a)


Beauty & The Beast => Thor 2008

The once-a-year selfie : Thor at 70 - March 2016. Who'd believe he still has a sense of humour?
Thor as a meetup maven, 2015
Nope, not ready to retire. Thor 2013    
Magic machine painting of Thor 2014 - hides a multitude of sins
Action man Thor - December 2013
It's quieter in here - Thor leaves the world - 2012
Should I believe you? - Thor July 2012
Kicked out of China for being 65 - Thor 2011

The male ego never gives up. In March 2012, here is Thor at 66 pretending to be 20 :-)

Thor 2012 Chinese New Year (phone photo)

Thor 2005: sixty years as an earthling

new home: Nudgee Beach, Brisbane 2011a July 2008: Thor in Zhengzhou, China
October 2007 : Thor on a beautiful autumn day in Zhengzhou, Henan, China
August 2006 - Mutianyu, China - Thor & a friend rebuild the Great Wall of China Stumpy's World, where the inside of Thor's head really lives Travel in Korean urban buses has a special excitement. This inspired Thor to invent the Bus Driver's Heaven Machine... e
Thor, Kyu Youl Mo and Jeff Summers hike to Woraksan peak, August 2005

TM with students, Eunjoong and Jeena, Busan, South Korea 2004 Thor & Wayn Sun, Camp Sunshine Kid's Winter School, Youngsan University, 2003 TM enjoying raw fish at Gampo, east coast, South Korea 2001 TM interviews a Korean doctor for a publicity blurb 2001 TM at Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China 1999

TM in Wuhan, China 1999 Wow! A new life with lasered eyes! China 1999 TM 1998, China: Hey! Whatya mean I'm fifty-three? TM & fellow teachers from Batman College of TAFE, Melbourne 1995 TM, Melbourne, Australia 1995.
Not a gay wedding !!! TM with student Teo Kim Lu at the end of an AMES course, 1991
TM as a lecturer at the University of Technology, Lae, Papua New Guinea 1987 See poem Friends
TM: mid 1980s and the prime of life
TM 1977: a short career as a totally incompetent Melbourne taxi driver

TM at Tangaroa College, East Tamaki, New Zealand 1976 : just made a teacher. See poem Silver Screen
TM as an aircraft despatch officer for TAA, Mascot, Sydney 1972. See poem Akiko TM in London, 1971. See poem Wide Worlds  TM as a student at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, 1969, See poem Heart of the Revolution  TM in 1965 with a friend: he had it all and didn't know it.. TM at Belmore, Sydney 1958. See poem, The Painted Path

Photography copyrighted to Thor May 2005; all rights reserved

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