Thor's Papua New Guinea

Madang harbour on the north coast of PNG - superb waterway
Madang is a sleepy port, almost forgotten by the world

A few expatriates, missionaries, and of course the local people can have a priceless front yard.

I caught a small coastal steamer from Lae to Madang, and watched sunset over the railing.
The steamer called into a few coastal settlements. Limpid blue-green water...
This was a small mission station on the north coast
The wooden jetty was Grand Central Station for the locals
The boat came only occasionally, so we were big news
Lae is PNG's second city, so has a reasonable amount of local shipping
The Huon Gulf, out from Lae

photography copyrighted to Thor May 2002; all rights reserved

Note : I foolishly scanned these photos several at a time in Australia. A bad move : the results are photographically unimpressive, but now I'm in Korea (2002). However, since PNG is unknown to most of the world, I thought it might still be useful to make the scans availbale...

Thor, Busan, South Korea 2002

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