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Photographs Page 4 - Hankou & Hanyang (Wuhan city), Hubei Province, China
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HanKou skyline - Wuhan's commercial heart; Yangtze River foreground; HanKou was a village until foreign concessions were established in 1861. Hanyang dates from 600A.D., and Wuchang from 222A.D. The three cities joined into Wuhan in 1927 "Iron Gate", HanYang (Wuhan), rebuilt; 1st built 1800 years ago - Eastern Han Dynasty, between  Wai (north) & Shu (west) Kingdoms. (Wu Kingdom over the Yangtze River in Wuchang). Qingchuan Pavilion, HanYang, rebuilt; 1st Temple of Lord Yu built 1131A.D.
Hero of the Korean War (1951) - display in Qingchuan Pavilion, Hanyang Feminine coquetry - old playing cards in Qingchuan Pavilion Wuhan dialect traditional Opera - Ancient Lute Pavilion, Hanyang At the Opera ... free Wuhan dialect performance at the Ancient Lute Pavilion
Diorama of the envoy Yu Boya playing his lute for admirer, the woodcutter Zhong Ziyin. Ancient Lute Pavilion, Hanyang. A traditional tale of  bosom friendship and rapport. Lute player, Yu Boya  - Ancient Lute Pavilion, Hanyang. Lute music starts when you sit on the stool. Murals in the Qingquan Pavilion, Hanyang, 
Fire urn for offerings to the gods River life on the Yangtze Log barge on the Yangtze River (Changjiang river to the locals) photos lie! The No.1 Yangtze River bridge is BIG - 1100 meters long - completed 1957


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