The Road To Unmoon Valley, South Korea


North east of Busan, the high road to Unmoon Valley Temple has some fine panoramas

Fruit for sale at a strategically scenic roadside spot. The ajuma gave me a free taste.

Roadside food stall on the road to Unmoon Valley

For part of the way, the road follows a stoney river bed - good for picnics.

A kind of chic-rustic restaurant set up by the riverbed for picnickers.

Like most monastaries, the one in Unmoon Valley tries to be self-supporting with orchards and other crops.

Temple courtyard in the Unmoon Valley Monastery

Glimpse of a traditional temple in the Unmoon Valley Monastery. The nuns prefer not to be photographed themselves.

A pretty footbridge in the monastery grounds.

An unpretty Thor spoiling the rural charm

Photography copyrighted to Thor May 2002; all rights reserved