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Kyongsangnam-do (west of Pusan) - 2001

view towards Koji & offshore islands from An-goi-dong. November 2001

bridge piles for an expressway shortcut, An-goi-dong. November 2001. Roadbuilding is a major national pastime.

oyster beds in An-goi-dong. November 2001. Nearby is an offshore island ferry terminal.

sleepy An-goi-dong, only about 15 km west of Naktonggang estuary, finds urban growth appearing overnight. November 2001.

valley farming north of Hadong, December 23, 2001. Note the frost free plastic plant nurseries, now everywhere in Korea

roadside house on the way to Hadong dam, December 2001

on the way to Hadong dam. These hills will be green come spring. December 2001

roadside arrangement of stones near Hadong dam. My guide associated them with shamanism. December 2001

another shamanistic roadside cairn near Hadong dam. Note the small shrine opening. December 2001

Hadong dam, northwest of Jinju, December 2001.North of this valley is Chirisan, famous as a centre of guerilla resistance in the Korean War.