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Course Texts



The following texts have been chosen for the 2003 PUFS TESOL Program. They will of course be supplemented by other materials. Students are encouraged to read widely and independently on relevant topics.

1. Introduction to Linguistics

Fromkin, V, R. Rodman & N. Hyams 2003 An Introduction to Language (7th edition) Mass.: Thomson/Heinle

2. English Grammar

text for March 2004 course :

Berk, Lynn M. 1999 English Syntax - From Word to Discourse NY: Oxford University Press

[ text used for September 2003 course :

Hopper, Paul 1999 A Short Course in Grammar NY: W.W. Norton & Co. Inc.]

3. Second Language Acquistion

Cook, Vivian 2001 Second Language Learning & Language Teaching (3rd Edition) London: Arnold

4. Methods in TESOL

Brown, Douglas 2001 Teaching By Principles (2nd Edition) NY: Addison Wesley Longman

5. Recommended Teaching Books for the Language Classoom


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