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Warning : The information below was prepared for the 2004 version of the program on the basis of information supplied by the university. It is purely historical. The program lecturer  eventually had strong reasons to doubt the standards promoted by this institution in 2004. Be very careful to check all cross-crediting claims between Korean and international unversities before committing  fees to any course. 


The Pusan University of Foreign Studies TESOL administration states that cross-crediting arrangements have been made with the universities listed below; (see the official PUFS TESOL website at http://tesol.pufs.ac.kr. The agreement with American universities is generally 9 to 12 credits towards a Masters program in TESOL or Language Education. It is likely that other institutions, both Korean domestic and international, will also agree to cross-crediting on an individual basis. Students should make direct inquiries (in English) to the different universities themselves. Some universities (e.g. Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) don't work on a credits system but will accept the PUFS TESOL Certificate as good preparation to enter a one year Masters Program in TESOL. Note that some universities may have extra requirements for a Masters in TESOL course entry, such as some teaching experience.

Troy State University, Alabama USA [ Primary partner to PUFS TESOL ]

University of Pennsylvania, USA

University of Southern California, USA

New York University, USA

The State University of New York, Potsdam, USA

University of Utah, USA

Temple University, USA

University of Essex, England

University of Canberra, Australia

Click here for a list of Australian universities which offer TESOL programs


Material on this site has been prepared by Thor May for the PUFS TESOL Program 2004
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