Pusan University of Foreign Studies

TESOL Program (2003-2004)


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Dr Brian King and I established this program in September 2003. Note that both of us have now left PUFS. I have relocated to the Department of English, Chung-ju National University, Chung-ju, South Korea. I will retain the materials here for general community access.

Course Materials & Lectures

  • Syllabus Statements
  • Course dates
    • Term 1 : 23 March 2004 to 27 May 2004
    • Term 2 : 8 June 2004 to 28 August
Material on this site has been prepared by Thor May for the PUFS TESOL Program 2003-2004
Site addresses :
a) http://thormay.net/lxesl/tesol/index.htm
b) http://tesol/pufs.ac.kr