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SLA Essay Evaluation Sheet 

(this is what I check when I mark your essay)

 Thor May

  Content Yes/No Comment
1 An Introduction explaining the aim and purpose of the essay. This will include an hypothesis or null hypothesis, and possibly sub-hypotheses also.    
2 A Literature Statement containing a discussion and evaluation of research by other writers on relevant areas of L2 acquisition    
3 A Method Statement containing a summary description of  how the research for this essay was carried out, including :-    
3a Information on the subjects' age, language level and other relevant background    
3b Information on the number and type of interviews, questionnaires and tests conducted    
4 A detailed Results Statement containing : -    
4a A Table 1 comparing each subject's self-evaluation versus objective tests (or other evidence) of their real L2 achievement    
4b Table1 shows separate results for a) speaking, b) listening, c) reading, d) writing, e) vocabulary size. The table should use a scale  of  0-5 (5 is native speaker level)    
4c A Table 2 comparing each subjects' own judgement of their overall a) fluency and b) accuracy in L2 versus your own judgement of their level. The table should use a scale  of  0-5    
5 A Discussion Section containing A detailed analysis and discussion of the results obtained in Section 4, especially: -    
5a Results of a discussion with both subjects about how their learning methods and feelings about L2 changed at zero, elementary, intermediate (and maybe advanced) levels    
5b Your evaluation of how and why Subject1 and Subject2 may have reached different levels of skill in L2    
5c Your evaluation of what factors (variables) may have distorted or biased information from the Subjects    
6 A Conclusion stating your honest opinion what you have learned from the research essay, and how you might investigate in the future.  

7 An Appendix A containing copies of any questionnaires used  
8 An Appendix B containing copies of any tests used    
9 An Appendix C containing a full list of References referred to in the essay, laid out in the standard format    
10 The student uses quotation marks for all quoted material, and gives acknowledgement (author, year, page number) immediately after every quotation or paraphrase of other people's work    
11 All quotations and paraphrases are evaluated by the student in his/her own words.    
12 The student shows an adequate understanding of the topic and presents a convincing analysis    
13 The student demonstrates independent thinking and creativity in the assignment    


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