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Grammar Essay Evaluation Sheet  - Topic 2 : Story Grammar

(this is what I check when I mark your essay)

 Thor May

1 An Introduction explaining the aim and purpose of the essay    
2 A Method Statement, part a) containing a discussion and evaluation of research by other writers on story grammar methodology    
3 A Method Statement, part b) containing a summary description of  how the  principles of story grammar will be applied to the lesson plan in this essay    
4 A detailed Procedure Statement in the form of a lesson plan containing : -    
4a The student age, language level and classroom environment (e.g. public school, hagwon etc.)    
4b The Teaching Objective(s) (i.e. for the teacher)    
4c A clear explanation to the PUFS assessor (i.e. not for class teaching) of the grammatical point(s) in the teaching objective [so he knows that you understand the grammar]    
4d A clearly laid out demonstration of how the material will be primed    
4e A clearly laid out demonstration of how the material will be presented    
4f A demonstration of activities which will help students to learn the material    
4g Appropriate extension activities which i) are related to the story's theme, and ii) support the teaching objective    
5 A Conclusion stating your honest opinion of the story grammar approach, its advantages and its limitations  

6 An Appendix A containing the Story to be used in the lesson    
7 A Appendix B containing any Realia to be used in the lesson    
8 An Appendix C containing a full list of References referred to in the essay, laid out in the standard format    
9 The student uses quotation marks for all quoted material, and gives acknowledgement (author, year, page number) immediately after every quotation or paraphrase of other people's work    
10 The student shows an adequate understanding of the topic and presents a workable lesson plan    
11 The student demonstrates independent thinking and creativity in the assignment    


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