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Grammar Essay Evaluation Sheet  - Topic 1 : L2 Corpus Study

(this is what I check when I mark your essay)

 Thor May

  Content Yes/No Comment
1 An Introduction explaining the aim and purpose of the essay    
2 A Method Statement, part a) containing a discussion and evaluation of research by other writers on discourse studies of intonation, grammatical structure and error analysis    
3 A Method Statement, part b) containing a summary description of  how the research for this essay was carried out, including :-    
3a Information on the subject's age, language level and other relevant background    
3b Information on the formality level of speech in the recording, the topic, and whether the subject was aware of being recorded    
4 A detailed Procedure Statement containing : -    
4a A transcribed section of the corpus, fully marked for intonation or other prosodic features discussed    
4b An analysis which shows in detail how particular prosodic features in the transcription affect the speaker's meaning (denotation or connotation)    
4c A summary of the different kinds of phrases, sentences & other structures used (best shown in a table)    
4d A demonstration and discussion of how the grammatical patterns used by the speaker affect his/her style and meaning in the corpus    
4e A table showing the type of errors made by the speaker, and their frequency, and their seriousness    
4f A common sense explanation of each error, as you would explain it to an adult L2 learner    
4g A suggestion to the L2 speaker about how he might overcome one of his error patterns.    
5 A Conclusion stating your honest opinion what you have learned from the research essay, and how you might investigate in the future.  

6 An Appendix A containing a transcription of the corpus    
7 An Appendix B containing a full list of References referred to in the essay, laid out in the standard format    
8 The student uses quotation marks for all quoted material, and gives acknowledgement (author, year, page number) immediately after every quotation or paraphrase of other people's work    
9 The student shows an adequate understanding of the topic and presents a convincing analysis    
10 The student demonstrates independent thinking and creativity in the assignment    


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