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Assignment Essay Notes

Below are some points to watch in Grammar Topic Essay. They reflect a number of problems I have seen in the essay drafts previously. The final draft should be checked to meet these points :

  • This is a Masters level course. Therefore, you must show evidence of reading and thinking which goes beyond the classroom notes. 'Evidence' means discussing and evaluating what you read. There must be a list of references which you used at the end of the essay. Notes on how to format references are available on this Internet site. You must acknowledge the work of other writers which you use. Failure to acknowledge is called plagiarism (stealing) and will earn a 0% mark.

  • The Story-Grammar topic requires a) a discussion of the theoretical issues behind the story approach to teaching grammar (i.e. you will need to evaluate the ideas put forward by various researchers), and b) a simulated classroom presentation of a Story-Grammar lesson.

  • Proof read your final draft carefully. Check for cohesion and coherence. Check (or ask a friend to check) for global and local language errors. Check every verb and plural noun you use.

  • The teaching simulation should include : a) priming, b)presentation, c) your focus on the grammar teaching objective, and d) extension activities.

  • If your classroom instructions are more complex than the students' English knowledge, indicate what parts you will say in Korean.

  • Train the students to ask most of the questions (rather than the teacher asking most of the questions). Their questions should drive the lesson. You, as teacher, set up situations where they question, then respond or act.

  • Teach only one or two points about language form in any single lesson.

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