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   Thor's Big ESL Links Page

There are zillions of sites for ESL/EFL (English as a second or foreign language). Some saints spend aeons compiling these things, then grow old keeping up the links. The big ESL sites generally have divisions related to job listings, professional teaching help & lesson stuff, a section of materials & drills for students learning English, and general living information on the exotic locations where ESL teachers are apt to find themselves. Some also contain listings of unreliable employers (but none of unreliable teachers... ^_^). The links below are a personal collection, acquired fairly randomly over a number of yearsand only partially systematic. Some may not work, but overall the list should be useful.

1. TESOL Course Links
2. Korea Focus
3. Japan Focus
4. Thai Focus
5. Search Engine ESL Listings
6. Child
7. Jazz Chants
8. Intonation
9.  Stories
10. Flashcards
11. Songs & Listening
12. Picture Stories & Video
13. Language Exchange
14. Grammar
15  Vocabulary
16. Games & Software
17. Reading
18. Writing
19. Testing
20. Miscellaneous Resources
21. CALL
22. Journals and Method
23. Other
24  ESL Jobs
24a Asia Jobs - Other
24b China Jobs
24c Japan Jobs
24d Korea Jobs
24d ESL Jobs - General


- Lectures and links taken from a graduate TESOL program which Thor taught at Pusan University of Foreign Studies in the academic year 2003-2004 . This twenty week course was cross-credited to a number of Masters programs in American universities.

Lectures on Second Language Acquisition

Lectures on Grammar in EFL

Links to Online Resources for Teachers

Articles by Thor on Language Teaching 

Articles by Thor on Linguistics

Articles and papers by Thor at the online repository,

2. Korea Focus

Dave's ESL Cafe Korean Job Board - Message Index
Korea Jobfinder
   (added 2012) Korean
Foreign Worker's Handbook - Pusanweb

3. Japan Focus

Jon's ESL Teaching English Second Language Page
- excellent, especially on Korea and Japan, but becoming a bit dated
- matches teachers with private students in Japan. Japanese residency required.
Ohayo Sensei
- a wide selection of job openings in Japan
Genki English
- ESL stuff for kids

4. Thai Focus - living and teaching in Bangkok
- the place for finding out about Thailand
Bangkok Post Education Jobs
Stickman's Guide to Teaching English in Bangkok
- not a job board, but a long discussion about working in private institutes. The site has other sections too.

5. Search Engine ESL Listings

Yahoo! ESL
GoTo (Infoseek) ESL LINKS
Matilda ESL and EFL LINKS
Web Wombat ESL LINKS
WebCrawler ESL LINKS
Google ESL search list

Dave's ESL Cafe
Language Learning INDEX -- good -- links -- China Teahouse teach English in China
Mulutimania INDEX


6. Child

songs General Children's Music Charts

stories & plays

Absolutely Whootie Stories to Grow By
picture me books
A Magical Musical Place for Children
Joanne';s Page for ESL Teachers Tips Boosting Vocabulary.
English+ Company, Korea Lesson plans
English Language Teaching Web Kids
The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
ALA _ Dialogic Reading for Two and Three Year Olds

7. Jazz chants

Using Jazz Chants for Bilingual-ESl Students

TESOL Drama & Arts

8. Intonation


This is eslflow's esl pronunciation activity-lesson guide
ByHeart educational software learning, teaching, tutoring, studying, and self-training in forei
intonation analysis sample
ESL Sample Assessment Instruments- Alaska Dept of Education
Computerized Profiling - Home Page
INTONATION OF ENGLISH - Bibliography - Universidad Complutense du Madrid
Metricality in poetry - Malcolm Hayward
Intonation - seminar - PowerPoint - teich-oslo files-Discourse Intonation newsletter4.pdf
Prosody & spoken discourse -
teaching_pronunciation.pdf (application_pdf Object)
Software for Speech-Language Pathologists

9. Stories

ESL Reading links
LG Korean Folk Tales - Story Maker
The Storytelle

10. Flashcards Enhance Memory Skills



11. Songs & Listening

>>> a) Songs Graham Clarke
ESL Through Music Website Home
Fran Avni_ Downloadable Music
ESL Cafe Web Guide Music
Teaching Language with Music links
Music -American Music

>>> b) General Listening

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

ITESLJ Listening Links (some video) [many links !]
Arlyn Freed's ESL/EFL Listening Resources
Adult Leaning Activities - California Distance Learning project; includes video and audio segments
English Listening Lounge - some free materials
Literacy Net Story Archives - sound + transcripts
Montgomery County Public Libraries - many links to ESL listening sites



12. Picture stories

>>> a) Print

Picture Recipes

Virtual Refrigerator Door
Making Digital Photography Children's Ebooks -
BBC - CBBC - Art - Activities - What's Your Picture Story
Every Picture Tells A Story
Google Image Result for www.nijomu.com_kkch2.jpg
Google Image Result for pratt.edu_~wburg_comics_images_heracles.gif
Google Image Result for www.lambiek.net_artists_dieck_mt_dieck.jpg
Picture labeling - German Language Activities at
LITTLE EXPLORERS by Enchanted Learning Software
Picture Stories for Adult ESL Health Literacy
ESL Picture Books - Asian Tales
The Internet Picture Dictionary
Ray, Blaine TPR World
Education cartoons for teachers

>>> b) Video

Real English Video Dictations (excellent)
ITESLJ Listening Links (some video) [ old movies in quicktime format for download etc]
Follow Me - a computer program that lets you select any bit of an on-computer video or audio for repetition and learning. Simple but good. About $30
ABC (Australian Broadcasting Service) Videos + English learning help; (realistic, but not for beginners)
Karen's ESL Partyland - teaching with film & video (go to the bottom of the page for video links)
BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Video Index - many videos to view online - fantastic
Adult Leaning Activities - California Distance Learning project; includes video and audio segments


13. Language Exchange

Language Exchange Community - Learn English, French, Spanish - practice foreign languages

E-Mail Keypals for Language Fluency

14. Grammar

interlanguage syntax

Grammar in Language Teaching by Vivian Cook

Vivian Cook, Applied Linguistics, SLA, English Writing System
Vivian Cook Obscure Writings
Grammar Rock software for children
Interlanguage syntax problems

15. Vocabulary

Vocabulary size - Paul Nation

16. Games & games software

Dynamic HTML Resources Index
Foreign Language Learning Software
English language practice
Warmers, icebreakers and fillers for tefl, esl, elt and English teaching
124 Manually selected Word Game Resources
TEFLGAMES.COM Links to EFL-ESL Products, Articles and Online Resources


17. Reading

EFL English from Linguapress
Making sense of life. SOON Online Magazine contents page bringing hope amd freedom
The Reading Matrix Online Journal
Reading in a Foreign Language (RFL)

18. Writing

Kibbitzer  Pages - collocation samples to sort out subtle connotations for advanced writers (University of Birmingham)




19. Testing

Testing - Teaching_Studying English as a Second_Foreign Language
Computer Assisted Assessment
Powerpoint presentation on Objective Testing
E. L. Easton - English - Exercises, Quizzes, Tests
AWEMAP - A Worldwide English ELT EFL ESL EAL LEP ESOL Assessment Scales and Tests Mapping Project
Language Testing by Kenji Kitao and S. Kathleen Kitao
CPP Bilingual Education Language Proficiency Tests Annotated Bibliography


20. Miscellaneous Resources

Dave's ESL Cafe
- probably the first stop for every ESL professional & wannabe..

Yahoo ESL
- a major jumping off point for things to  do with second language learning

English Raven
- a very comprehensive site for materials, activities and teacher training. Has a huge
lis of links too.

Andrew Finch Publications
- for anyone working in South Korea, Andrew Finch's free online books for ESL students
are very useful. They are bilingual. You can buy them too in hardcopy from the author.
- a large site with multiple sections, resources and links for all things relating to the English language
- an excellent site for resources, activities and language forums for ESL learners 

Real English
- aims to be the next thing in online ESL : video segments of realistic situations to teach the elements of English. At the moment it requires actual downloads rather than streaming the data, so a fast connection and plenty of hard disk space is advised.   - post and search schools, jobs, resumes, yellow pages (English friendly businesses), general information topics, classifieds and lesson plans for free

English as 2nd Language
- resource center and links (spoiled by a torrent of cookies)

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

ESL - EFL Resources
ESL - EFL Resources @ polyglot
similes with as ... as grammar learn english
English Conversation Books
ESL Teacher Resources, Job Boards, and Worksheets
The Best on the Web for Teachers
Worksheets, Teaching Tips, and Rubrics from
National Clearing House for English Language Acquisition
Jokes for the ESL classroom
Interesting Things for ESL-EFL Students (Free & Fun English Study)
Internet TESL Journal (For ESL-EFL Teachers)

ESL Focus
English International, TEFL-TESL
Rong-chang Li English as a Second Language
One World Classroom
Doug';s Ugly Fish
One World Classroom Resources Power Tools
School Technology Night
Communication Connects - Links
MemoryLifter - How to learn through memory aids, learning tools and the learning process
esl blue(s) Main Index
OUP ELT catalogue sample pages - many
TESOLWeb.net_ Resource and Forum
Search results for ESL
KATE Journal EFL from 1999
ESL Lounge ESL Lesson Plans, EFL Materials for Teaching English
CAL generators for learning activities
Hot Potatoes Home Page
Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources for Teachers
BEST English Online Language Course Language course online
BitDay Studio - VOA Special English Assistant
World English test, learn and study the English language online
ESL weblinks
ESL Resources for Teachers
McGill ESL Resources
CESL ESL-EFL Directory
Foreign Language Educational Technology Clearinghouse
IATEFL - International Assciation of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
Adult Learning - good!
English For All - good FAQ
esl Language Learning Paris France
English Doctors English Editing Service
ESL Teachers Board, find an ESL job abroad
English as a Second Language at StartLocal - basic introduction and links


21. CALL
CESOL - computers and English for speakers of other languages - links to good resources
ICT4LT  Information Communications Technology for Language Teachers - European training modules for language teachers
Professional Online CALL Journals
Internet TESL Journal (For ESL_EFL Teachers)
Technology and Foreign Language Learning
TESL-EJ Main Page
CALICO Journal Articles
Instructional Technology & Distance Learning
Mark's ESL Cottage Article Library
Storyboard - The Authoring Suite


22. Journals and Method

Asian EFL Journal
Asia TEFL Journal

Basic English Page
English Raven - methodology et al
ESL Loop member sites
Future Directions - tpr
TPR About The Originator, James J. Asher
TPR What Is Total Physical Response
Asian EFL Journal Editorial Board
Content based learning in ELT, TEFL, EFL
The Unbound. Teaching English in Russia. BKC-IH Moscow TEFL journal. ESL lesson plan. TEFL articles. EFL teacher’s stories
ESL-Related Journals and PublicationsLinguistic Funland TESL-ESL-EFL-Language-Linguistics Links
Internet TESL Journal (For ESL-EFL Teachers)
ELT Newsletter
Vance's ESL_Home Online journals for ESL and language learning
English Teaching Forum Online – Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
TESOL and applied linguistics journals TEFL Articles - Essays for ESL teaching
Hwa Kang Journal of TEFL - ????????
AJELT - Asian Journal of English Language Teaching
ELT News English Teaching in Japan
ETP - English Teaching Professional Magazine
ESL Magazine
TESL Journals on the Web - TESL-TEFL-TESOL-ESL-EFL-ESOL Links -
ESL Focus for English language teachers and students. esl - efl topics.
ESL MiniConference - Index of Current Articles
Books and Articles by Stephen D Krashen
The Reading Matrix Online Journal
Reading in a Foreign Language (RFL)
AEJ Arabian ESOL Journal
English for Specific Purposes World ISSN 1682-3257
Language Travel Magazine
Directory of open access journals
Teaching English Through Technology IATEFL POLAND
Teaching tips - Fluency for Low Levels - British Council - Language Assistant
KOTESOL Publications
Humanising Language Teaching Magazine for teachers and teacher trainers
Teacher-trainer jounal UK
Language Magazine...Subscribe Today!
TESL-EJ Main Page

23. Other

MIT OpenCourseWare Home

AAS Degree - for Americans, a fairly comprehensive listing of Associate Degrees (2 year courses), mostly with a vocational orientation.

Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks Encyclopedias, maps, online libraries, quotations, dictionaries & more.
On Line Dictionaries
The Internet Public Library
IPL Online Texts Collection
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts



24. ESL JOBS (not necessarily up-to-date)


24a. Asia Jobs - other

Bangkok Post Education Jobs
Indonesia IndoStaff Positions Vacant Index
Jobs Asia Malaysia

24b. China Jobs -- job issues -- teach English in China

Chinese Universities directory - Wuhan
Jobs Asia China -- Daves Cafe links
Teach in China
Lumabnar's Teaching in China Links
China Tefl Network - Teach in China
The ELT Two Cents Cafe
Foreign Experts Service Network TEACH IN CHINA
AbroadChina.orgdirectory for teaching in China
ESL Lighthouse
TESL - ESL Job Opportunities

24c. Japan Jobs

The Language Teacher - Job Information Center

Jobs in TESL-TEFL and Linguistics by Kenji Kitao and S. Kathleen Kitao
Seamonkey Links - terrific
ELT News Teaching English in Japan - Jobs
gaijinpot jobs in japan
JETAA Job Bank - Japan - Browse Jobs

24d. Korea Jobs View Forum - Korea
Korea Jobfinder    (added 2012)
ESL Job Opportunities in Korea by ESL CLICK
ESL Teachers Club - International Job Resource For ESL Teachers. International job discussion
Dave's ESL Cafe Korean Job Board
Korea Links - EFL in Asia
Pusanweb Job Listings links
Teach English in South Korea, World English Service Ltd.
Korea - ESL employment - Free ESL - EFL Jobs and Employment Resource Site.
SEOUL NOW job links
Korea - mother of all gray lists
English Spectrum Korea
Second Language Hub of Korea
Jobs In South Korea - Korean Recruitment & Employment - International Jobs Marketplace - Jobs
Best Jobs - ESL Teachers in Korea
1stopKorea - Job Links
M y e n g l i s h j o b
Julice's Korean jobs v.2.0
ESL Lighthouse
ESL Jobs Posting System
Jack' ESL Ring - Korea  - A good FAQ on the risks and sometime rewards of working in South Korea. There are linked sister sites for Japan and Taiwan.

24e. ESL Jobs - General

TEFL-TESL Job Market
ESL Teachers Club - International Job Resource For ESL Teachers. International job discussion f
ESL Jobs, TEFL Jobs, TESOL Jobs
TEFLnet International TEFL Job Offers - Message Index - ESL Job Opportunities
Gavin's ESL Employment
JoyJobsCom OVERSEAS JOB ADS - The world's largest real-time database of English Language Teaching Jobs
Yahoo! Groups content-esl Messages 462-491 of 548
ESL Jobs Posting System
ESL Job Control Center
Home of Job Asia
JobPilot Jobsearch
The ELT Two Cents Cafe
ESL JOBS - The Internet Job Search
Jobs and Resources for English Language Training Professionals
Leon's EFL Planet
EduFind Jobs The TESOL Professionals Job and Resource Site
Grey list
RONG CHANG LI English as a Second Language
Best Jobs Canada - Education-University jobs
TEFL.NET International TEFL Job Offers - Message Index - The Place for new and prospective EFL-ESL Teachers, seeking jobs, vacancies and em offers Job Seeker Registration to help employers find ideal language teachers
English School Watch Organization
ESLUSA.ORG - Select the school of your choice - ELT job offers ! - Regular Job Board Index
Best Jobs New Zealand - CV listings in Education-University
The Digital Education Network's ELT Job Centre
Job Analysis & Personality Research
CitySearch Melbourne Welcome to CitySearch Melbourne!
MarketResearchSocAust. Home
Australian Jobs
Search Over 3 Million Jobs, Free E-Mail!

Times Education Supplement - jobs

Times Higher Education Supplement - jobs

The Chronicle of Higher Education (US) - Job Openings
LINGUIST List Jobs issues (mostly for linguists)

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   copyrighted © Thorold (Thor) May 2005
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