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Spoken Language Group Projects for Smart Minds

  • teen to adult native English speakers
  • advanced learners of English

© copyright Thorold May 1999
All Rights Reserved; published by
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Table of Contents


1.   "Job Interview" Lesson Plan   

2.    International Radio Advertising Contest 

3.   "China in the 21st Century" Lesson Plan 

4.   "Audio Book of Chinese Stories" Lesson Plan

5.   "Celebrity Interview Lampoon" Lesson Plan

6.   "Four Sages" Lesson Plan


7.  "Famous Writer's Assistant & Companion" Lesson Plan

8.  "VIP Visitor & Family" Lesson Plan

9.   "Last Message from the Titanic" Lesson Plan

10. "Debate" Lesson Plan 

11. False Lives Game

12. "Speech" Lesson Plan 

13. "Briefing for an Australian Diplomat" Lesson Plan

14. "Explanation to an International Colleague"