Getting There

Thor May; translation by 박준영

1. You could take a taxi, but buses are cheaper

Robin:  I’m supposed to go to a party in Haeundae.

해운대에서 파티가 있어서 가 봐야 돼 .

Mark:   How are you getting there?

어떻게 갈 건데 ?

Robin:  I’m not sure. What do you suggest?

몰라 . 어떻게 가는 게 좋은데 ?

Mark:   Well, you could drive.

차 몰고 가면 되지 뭐 .

Robin:  I don’t have a car, silly.

차가 어딨어 , 싱겁긴 .

Mark:  OK, was only joking. That leaves buses and taxis.

농담이야 . 버스나 택시 타야지 .

Robin:  Ah, buses are so slow.

버스는 너무 느려 .

Mark:  You could take a taxi, but buses are cheaper.

그럼 택시 타야지 . 돈이야 많이 깨져도 .


2. Driving costs a fortune

Anne:  Jim is going to Seoul next week.

짐이 다음주에 서울 갈 거래 .

Bruce:  How’s he getting there?

뭐 타고 간데 ?

Anne:  He’s not sure. Actually he asked my advice.

어쩌는 게 좋을지 나한테 물어보던데 .

Bruce:  Well, driving costs a fortune.

차 가지고 가면 돈 수억 날아가 .

Anne: What do you mean?

무슨 말이야 ?

Bruce:  Um, you’re looking at around 40,000 won in toll fees.

통행료만 4 만 원쯤 나올 거야 .

Anne:  Hmm, it is a lot.

진짜 비싸네 .

Bruce:  Yes, all up a round car trip costs about 120,000 won.

갔다 왔다 기름값까지 다 하면 12 만 원은 들 거야 .

Anne:  That’s outrageous. How much is the bus?

터무니없이 비싸네 . 버스요금은 얼만데 ?

Bruce:   An intercity bus is about \ 25,000 one way.

편도 2 만 5 천 원 .

Anne:  Jim doesn’t like buses, but he does want to save money.

짐은 버스 안 좋아하는데 돈 아껴야 되니 할 수 없겠네 .

Bruce:  The buses are not so bad. They go every few minutes.

버스도 괜찮아 . 몇 분마다 자주 다니고 .

"Getting There " copyrighted to Thor May 2005; all rights reserved

text byThor May; translation by 박준 영
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