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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

Travel Talk

Travel Talk 1: A Favourite Place

- What's your favourite place in Korea?

+ Well I like ________________ very much.

- Why's that?

+ Well, it recalls pleasant memories. _____________ years ago I ___________________


Travel Talk 2: A Place to Go

- Where would you like to go overseas?

+ I've always wanted to go to _______________

- Why's that?

+ Well, I've heard so much about it, and ________________

Travel Talk 3: Someone to Visit

- Why are you going to ________________________ ?

+ Well, I have to visit my ________________ [e.g. sister]

- Will you do anything else there ?

+ Um, yes. I plan to see ___________________________

Travel Talk 4: Recommendation

- What do you know about __________________ [e.g. Sydney]

+ Mm, of course I've heard about ________________ [ e.g. the Sydney Opera House]

- How do you think I should spend a week in the place?

+ Gosh, that's a hard question. I suppose you could start by ______ --ing _______ then ____  


"Travel Talk " copyrighted to Thor May 2001; all rights reserved

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