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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

Total Physical Response - Finger Puppet Stories

a) Finger Puppet Stories
- Teaching Notes

 1. Explain and demonstrate the idea of finger puppets. Even with a ballpoint pen, faces can be painted on both index fingers, and used by the "puppet master" to conduct an animated dialogue. This is an excellent language practicing device, enabling a student to obtain a little distance from his or her own head, with all its complications of embarrassment and self-consciousness.

2. Show how a different "voice" and different mannerisms can be developed for each finger puppet character.

3. Students in pairs can also talk through their finger puppet characters.

4. Make sure that each student gives his/her finger puppet at least a name. It is a good idea to take a bit of time letting students invent a "personality" for each puppet -- a history, relationships, personal quirks etc; (some students delight in this kind of inventiveness, but others may need to be given a more structured framework to help them generate a puppet character distinct from themselves)PresentationFinger Puppet Stories

b) Finger Puppet Stories - Presentation

note: Actions are in square brackets [ ]. The first story, "The Marriage Proposal", can be done with or without finger puppets. If you use finger puppets, practice ways of showing the actions with your fingers and hands; (this will need a bit of clever invention!)

1. The Marriage Proposal

boy: [Walk up the stairs. Knock on the door. Brush back your
         hair with your hand]

girl: [Open the door]
        Oh, hello! What a surprise! Come in!
       [Walk back inside]

boy: Hi Anna [use the name you invent]
       [Come into the flat. Take off your shoes. Follow Anna.]

      Sit down. Would you like a drink or something?

boy: [Sit. Smile. Scratch your ear uncomfortably.]
       Actually, I've come to ask a favour...

girl: [Raise your eyebrows. Put your hands in your lap. Smile.]
       Anything within reason.

boy: [Look at Anna, then look away embarrassed]
       Well, actually, um ...........
      [Scratch your head. Look at Anna pleadingly.]
       I was wondering if you'd marry me ....



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