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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

Total Physical Response - Physical Commands

a) Physical Commands
 - Teaching Notes:

1) Introduce concept of TPR => i.e. the principle of learning through physical senses. Be sure that the mood is light-hearted.

2) Give the following spoken commands in a military manner (loud and clear).

3) After students are practiced in the procedure (e.g. second lesson), invite selected students to come to the front and be the "drill sergeant" for a certain number of commands. Make sure they understand that only commands which can be done on the spot in the classroom should be given.

4) To test spoken mastery of the commands, the teacher can mime them and two teams of students can compete to name the action; (this can be extended later to guessing mimes for more complex routines).

b) Physical Commands  - Presentation:

1) stand up / sit down / look left / yawn / touch your nose / salute / wink your right eye / blink both eyes / scratch your head

2) scratch your ear / fold your arms / stand to attention / stand at ease / hands behind your back / clap / wave (note Korean and Western variations) / nod / shake your head / cross your legs / beckon / refuse an offer (without speaking) / stop the traffic / lift your feet / touch your toes / stretch your arms / massage your neck / wipe your brow / wipe your mouth/ wash your hands / polish your shoes / undo a button / do up a button / smile / lick your lips / sniff / wrinkle your nose / turn your head left / hitch up your trousers / tuck in your shirt / do up your collar / ... [There are hundreds! Invent your own ... ]


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