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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

Topical Texts to Learn - Korean Food

a) Text 1 : Korean Food  

If you ask Koreans to name five different kinds of food, they might think of ___________ , ___________________ , _________________, __________________ , and __________________ . Of course, there are also many other dishes.

Koreans eat a lot of seafood. They especially like _______________ and ___________________ .

The most famous of all Korean foods is _________________. You prepare this dish by _________________________.

My own favourite dish is _________________. I like it because ________________________ .

b) Pre-teaching :

1. Draw 3 columns on the board.

2. Ask selected students to each come out and quickly write the names of 5 dishes in hangul.

3. Transcribe the hangul into a romanized version.
[note: many students are unable to "remember" dishes if asked to write them in romanized form first]

4. Write an English description of each dish in the 3rd column, or ask students to obtain this for homework.

5. Give a non-Korean model for "You prepare this dish by ...." (e.g. you prepare pizza by...)

6. Explore examples of reasons for liking a dish
(e.g. taste, aroma, colour, nutrition, local tradition, ease of preparation, ... etc)

c) Main Activity

1. Complete the text in writing

2. Read it several times for memory. That is, read a little, look up, and try to recall without looking at the text.

3. Practice speaking it with a partner.
When speaking, look down to remember a few words (if necessary), then look at your partner and speak to them.
Practice alternate sentences with you partner, then change about.

4. Be prepared to come out and speak the text to the class, whithout looking at it.


"Topical Texts - Korean Food" copyrighted to Thor May 2001; all rights reserved

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