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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

Topical Texts to Learn - A Famous Korean

a) Text: A Famours Korean  

_____[name] ___________ is a famous Korean.

He(she) is well-known because he (she) ________ [reason for fame] __________.

I first learned about ________ [name] _______ from _______ [source: e.g. radio/ TV / papers / friends / my parents ... ] _______________

If I met him (her), I would ask him (her) ________________ [interesting question: e.g. "how long do you expect to keep running?" to a runner] ___________

I think that _______ [name] 's _________ answer would be


b) Procedure

1. Discuss the meaning of "famous", as distinct from merely "well-known"

2. With student help, construct a list on the board of the kinds of things that might make a person famous.

3. With weak students, it might be necessary to compile a list of famous Koreans as a group exercise.

4. Briefly revise question forms: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How ... etc.

5. Ask students to fill in the text.

6. Students work in pairs to orally master their texts

7. Selected students are invited to give a little talk to the class, and to take questions from the floor.

8. Poll students to see what they personally would like to become famous for.

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