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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

Topical Texts to Learn - The Buses

a) Text: The Buses  

The buses from ___ [Bansong Dong] __ begin about ___ [5am] ___ in the morning, and run until about _________ [11.30pm] ___ in the evening.

After that, a taxi to _____ [Tongnae] ___ will cost ___________ won, or ________ to ____ [Somyon]_______.

The quickest bus to a subway is number ________ , which will get you to ____________ station.

Other common destinations are a) number _________ to ____________; b) number _____________ to _______________; and c) number _______________ to _____________ .

Usually, you don't have to wait longer than ________ minutes for a bus.

b) Procedure

a) Get the class as a group to tell the teacher the desinations and numbers of all buses out of the local suburb ; [note, in Korea, many students drive cars and might not know buses well].

b) Study a city map with the class, and identify other common destinations. Get the connecting bus numbers.

c) Students fill in the text

d) Students practice the text orally with partners. They can work on alternate sentences.

e) With more advanced students, get them to turn the contents of the text into an enquiry dialogue between a tourist and a travel desk information officer.

f) With weaker students, take the first sentence and walk them through the process of turning it into a question and answer. Repeat with the second sentence. Encourage them to do it by themselves with the third sentence.

g) Discuss different student dialogue creations with the whole class, and sort out any grammatical or thematic problems.

h) Ask the most successful dialogue inventors to role play their creation for the class.


" Topical Texts - The Buses" copyrighted to Thor May 2001; all rights reserved

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