Where can I stay in Seoul?

Thor May; translation by 박준영

1. Thor asks advice from some teachers in Busan

Thor:   Where can I stay in Seoul?

서울 가서 묵을 만한 데를 아나 ?

Friend:   How much do you want to spend?

숙박료를 얼마쯤 잡고 있나 ?

Thor:  I want something cheap.

좀 싼 데를 알고 싶은데 .

I’m spending my own money.

내 돈으로 하는 여행이니까 .

Friend:  Well then, stay in a yeogwan.

그럼 여관에 가게나 .

Thor:  Everyone says “stay in a yeogwan.”

묻는 사람마다 똑같은 말이군 .

The question is, which yeogwan?

어느 여관에 가란 말인가 ?

Friend:  Oh, just go to any yeogwan. There are hundreds of them.

아무 여관이나 가게 . 흔해 빠진 게 여관인데 .

Thor:  But some yeogwans will be good and some will be bad.

그래도 좋은 여관이 있고 나쁜 여관이 있을 게 아닌가 .

Friend:  Ah, don’t worry about it. Just go.

나 참 , 걱정말고 아무데나 가게나 .

Thor:  Oh, you are no help at all.

참 도움 안 되는군 .

2. Thor is standing near Tapgol park in Seoul. A lady offers to help.

Lady:  Are you looking for something?

뭐 찾고 계신 게 있나요 ?

Can I help you?

제가 도와 드릴 일이 있을까요 ?

Thor:  Thanks, yes. I’m looking for the Munhwa Yeogwan.

아 , 고맙습니다 . 문화여관을 찾고 있었어요 .

Lady I’ve never heard of it, sorry.

거긴 저도 모르겠네요 .

Thor:  Oh, this guide book says it’s around here somewhere.

이 여행안내서에 보면 이 근처에 있다는데요 .

Lady:  Hmm, let me see. Yes, there’s a phone number. Just a moment.

어디 한 번 볼까요 . 여기 전화번호가 있네요 . 잠깐만요 .

Thor:  Mobile phones are wonderful, aren’t they?

휴대폰은 참 대단하죠 .

Lady:   Ah, what a nuisance! The battery is flat.

이런 . 배터리가 나갔네요 .

Wait, I’ll ask that student over there.

있어 보세요 . 저기 학생한테 부탁해 볼께요 .

Thor:  I’m giving you a lot of trouble.

이거 폐를 많이 끼치는군요 .

Lady:  You are in luck. He made a booking for you.

잘 됐어요 . 저 학생이 예약까지 해 줬어요 .

Someone from the Munhwa Yeogwan will come here to pick you up in a few minutes.

문화여관에서 금방 사람이 나와서 모시고 갈 거에요 .

Thor:  Thank you very much indeed!

정말 감사합니다 .

"Where Can I Stay In Seoul?" copyrighted to Thor May 2005; all rights reserved

text byThor May; translation by 박준 영
( Wordsworth Translation & Publishing Services, www. wordsworth.co.kr)

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