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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

Employment - Job Interview Frame 3


This project has been extremely successful with bright students who have an oral English level of 2/5 or better. For slower or less competent students it would need to be greatly shortened and presented in a more structured format. The teacher as candidate should be frank in the interview: students are sensitive to phony replies.

Main Task: Interview the Teacher for his Job


a) You will be a member of an interview panel for the
    College Board

b) Your college needs a native speaking English teacher

c) Make up an interview team with 3 other colleagues

d) Each member of the team should ask questions in a different area. For example, one might ask about experience, another about qualifications, the third about personal qualities and the fourth about expectations etc.

e) Prepare a set of 5 questions to ask the candidates

f) Compare your questions with your colleagues, and select two questions each to ask

g) Assign one interviewer to formally greet the candidate

h) Assign one interviewer to wrap up the interview and invite the candidate to ask questions

** g) conduct the interview in front of the class ***

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