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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

Employment - Job Interview Frame 2

1) Task:

a) Prepare an outline of topics you may be asked about in a
    job interview
b) Give the outline to your partner and invite him/her to ask
    you a question about each point in the outline.

2) Assistance:

a) Memory Map Outline for an
    Employment Interview

     {Introduce concept of memory maps if not familiar}

- You must come to a job interview well-prepared
- The best interview preparation is to make a summary of
  things the interviewer may ask about
- A summary is not an essay. The kind of summary you need is
  an outline of points.
- Memory maps are very efficient for helping you to outline and
  remember the points in any topic.
- Memory maps are always built around some organizing idea.

b) Here is a SAMPLE of some points you might need
    to discuss in a job interview:

Organizing idea: JOB INTERVIEW

Main topics - examples :

- education and training
- skills and aptitudes
- interests
- likes
- dislikes
- describe your personality
- future hopes and plans

Sub topic 1 - Skills & aptitudes - examples

- knowledge of foreign languages?
- un/skilled working with hands
- good/poor with numbers etc
- un/ skilled at writing / speaking etc
- comfortable/shy at dealing with customers
- dis/like detailed work
- driving licence?
- entertainment talents? - singing, musical ...
- good at drawing or design?
- etc.

Sub topic 2 - Personality - examples

- relationships & social life
- extrovert / introvert
- teamwork or independent ?
- club / association membership
- self starter?
- pessimistic / optimistic?
- determined / casual
- im/patient ?


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