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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

Employment - Job Interview Frame 1

a) What is your work experience?

-    What is your work experience
+    I worked for ________________ as a _______
-     How long did you do that?
+    For ________________ months/years

b) Some other answers to work experience:

+   I haven't had any work experience yet.
+   At the moment I don't have work, but before I
     worked for ___________
+   This is my first job. In the future I hope to get
     experience as ________

c) What would you like to do in the future?

-    What would you like to do in the future?
+    I would like to ___________________________
-    Why is that your ambition?
+    Because _________________________

d) What are your interests?

-    What are your interests?
+    I'm especially interested in ______________________
-     Why does that interest you?
+    Well, ________________________

e) What are your qualifications?

-    What are your qualifications?
+   In _____ [month] _____ [year] I will
     graduate from Sungsim College of Foreign
     Languages with ______________ [ e.g. a
     Diploma in Trade English]
-    What other certificates do you have?
+   Well, I have a car driving licence /
     a certificate in word processing / ....

f) What useful skills do you have?

+   What useful skills do you have?
-    Well, I'm a good communicator / I have a knack
     for selling things / I'm a good driver / I can cook
     very well / I'm good at organizing / I can use
     several computer applications / I can speak and
     write some English / I'm good at maths / ..

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