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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

Gossip - Five Minute Talk Topics

a) Task

a) Talk about the topic with your partner for five minutes

b) After five minutes your partner will try to repeat the main points of your story

c) The teacher may ask your partner to repeat the main points of your story to the class.

d) Remember to talk in English! If you get stuck for a word, it is OK to use a Korean word, but then switch back immediately to English.

b) Topics (one per lesson..)

1. What was the most dangerous experience you ever had?
[Teaching note: crossing the road is a dangerous experience. Don't let anyone kid you they have lived a perfectly safe life]

2. Describe your ideal husband/wife

3. Describe your ideal apartment, and how you would furnish it

4. If you were President of Korea, what would you do?

5. Make a list of five rules for a foreigner to follow in Korea. Explain why.


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