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ESL materials & ideas developed in Korea

Popup English

Location - Counter Inquiry Dialogue

a) Procedure

1. Teacher to act out the dialogue (preferably with some rhetorical flourish) before it is written on the board.

2. Ask a few questions to check that students have picked up the drift; (e.g. what does the guest want to know?)

3. Quickly write the FIRST PART of the dialogue on the board for copying, or give a handout

4. Check vocabulary

5. Lead the class through, practicing the correct intonation & rhythm by imitation

6. Students to practice the first part of the dialogue in pairs, then role play in front of the class

7. The teacher draws a map showing the full path from the hotel to the travel agency.

8. Ask students to construct a dialogue to extend and complete the first part of the dialogue. They must give complete directions to reach the travel agent.

9. Analyse and discuss student efforts. Assist with directional vocabulary when necessary.

10. Give the FULL, teacher-constructed dialogue. Point out the discourse importance of words like "then", "after that" ... etc.

11. Have pairs practice and role play the full dialogue.

Dialogue PART 'A'

guest: Excuse me, I'm looking for a travel agent.

receptionist: Yes sir. Do you want a particular travel agent?

guest: Somebody told me that Hanguk Tours was OK.

receptionist: The Hanguk office is about a five minute walk from here sir.

guest: How exactly do I get there?

receptionist: Well, turn left at the front gate and follow the main road for about fifty meters.

Dialogue PART 'B'

guest: Right, I've got you. Turn left, then go fifty meters.

receptionist: Yes. Then you'll come to a supermarket on the left.

guest: Uh-huh. Go to the supermarket.

receptionist: Right. Then turn left once more, into the lane beside the supermarket.

guest: That's easy. Left, left, left.

receptionist: Correct. Hanguk Tours is 150 meters up the lane on the right.

guest: Thanks, I think I've got that

receptionist: No trouble sir. Ask in the supermarket if you get lost.

"Directions Counter Inquiry " copyrighted to Thor May 2001; all rights reserved

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